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Omron Industrial Automation is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.

Serving numerous industries around the world, Omron offers an extensive range of innovative automation products, to develop safe, reliable and quality products and environmental conservation. Omron's product range includes: PLC's, motion control, inverter drives, sensors and safety, vision and control products.

Omron continually strive to develop high precision and high performance components and electronic parts and devices for greater usability in today's modern industrial environment.The success of Omron is based upon the culmination of offering a diverse product range combined with efficient production capabilities and innovations to integrate solutions for customers.

Omron Industrial Automation offers integrated packages of products, technologies and solutions designed to provide easy of use, seamless communications and a complete range of advanced products from sensors through to drives, HMI and PLC systems.

Omron Automation Product Range

Omron Machine Automation Controller

Omron Machine Automation ControllerThe Sysmac Omron NJ machine automation controller is an ultra compact system which combines motion, logic and vision all in one device. One integrate machine controller which offers speed, flexibility and scalability without compromising on reliability and robustness. The NJ Series is designed to meet extreme machine control requirements in terms of motion control, speed and accuracy, communication, security and robustness.


Omron Frequency Inverters

Omron Frequency InverterOmron offer a comprehensive range of frequency inverters for suitable for numerous industrial and automation applications. Omron frequency inverters range from general purpose inverters up to 400kW, include the new RX and MX2 inverter ranges, the JX range and the G7, F7 and A1000 inverter range. With a combination of standard and optional I/O's Omron frequency inverters are one of the most commonly used inverters in Europe.

Also available from Omron are dedicated feature packed inverters for variable torque applications such as pumps and fans. Other inverters types include onboard positioning or brake control for lifts and cranes.


Omron Safety Technology and Safety Products

Omron Safety Automation ProductsEmbedded safety within the entire machine design range is at the core of Omron's safety competence. The Omron range of safety products includes, robust emergency stop and limit switches, safety door switches, safety sensors, safety controllers and relays and complete programmable safety systems.


Omron PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)

Omron PLC Control SystemsInherent in all of the control systems of Omron are their reputation for product quality, reliability and advanced technology. Omron provide smart remote I/Os, compact PLC CP1, high performance modular CJ1 and backplane based CS1 series systems for large applications.

Omron Programmable Logic Controllers, (PLC) are designed in mind for high processing speed and full transparency. Omron PLC's provide users with a wide range of functions and controls from small scale equipment handling to entire production lines.


Omron Photoelectric Sensors

Omron Photoelectric SensorsFrom multi channel fiber optics to accurate background suppressed sensors, to general purpose sensors such as through-beam, retro and diffuse sensors and limited reflective sensors, Omron can provide an ideal sensing solutions to many sensing applications.

      • Compact Square E3Z sensors in plastic or stainless steel housing
      • Cylindrical E3F2 sensors in cylindrical M5, M6, M8, M12 or M18 plastic, or brass, or stainless steel housing
      • Miniature & Photo micro sensors for application requiring high performance in small housings
      • Long distance sensing with background suppression (up to 1.2m) or retro reflective (up to 10m)
      • Fork Sensors with slot widths from 5mm up to 25mm in plastic housing for simple installation
      • Print Mark and colour sensors for detection of black and coloured print marks and colour sensors for the identification of colours.
      • Light curtain for high and profile measurement for area monitoring in robust or thin aluminum housing, suitable for elevator installations.
      • Special model sensors for reliable detection of special objects such as bottles, PCBs, or AC installations.

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