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Industrial Building Control

More Control offer expert technical advice and support on building management systems. Whether it is an existing or new build our engineering team can offer you the ideal solution to control your building.

Building Control Services

  • Lighting Control & Energy Management
  • Remote Monitoring & Support
  • Upgrade & Install of Lighting Control Systems
  • Building Control Applications

    More Control’s applications range from simple building control systems to a complete network of highly accurate lighting and energy management functions.

    If you have a building control application in mind, contact More Control on +44 (0) 345 00 00 400.

    Industrial Building Automation Solutions & Monitoring

    Industrial Building Automation SolutionsEffectively understanding the life cycle and performance of a building will reduce energy consumption whilst providing maximum comfort and performance.

    From a single point sub meter, to a complete network of highly accurate in depth power analysers, More Control's eco friendly building automation solutions can be used on any building to save energy and improve overall building efficiency.

    More Control's industrial building automation solutions will optimise a buildings performance to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on comfort and life safety.

    Analysis of power quality and usage allows the correct implementation of plans and procedures to reduce overall power usage of a building, and thus increase its profitability.


    More Control Building Automation Solutions

    From the analysis of energy usage and consumption, More Control has developed various schemes to reduce overall energy usage in the following areas:

    Building automation solutions will not only reduce energy resources and running costs, but can greatly reduce the environmental impact / footprint of that building.


    Benefits of Building Automation Solutions

    • Reduced energy and operation costs
    • Consistent comfort levels in the workplace
    • Increased reliability and efficiency of building systems
    • Reduced impact on the environment
    • Extended life span of building facilities

    A significant expense in numerous companies is the electricity used for lighting and heating a building. The peak demand of energy consumption comes from the initial switch on. The switch on can cause a massive energy surge, which if incorrectly installed result in component damage.

    More Control provides a range of practical industrial building automation solutions to manage and control the light requirements and heating requirements with the minimal amount of energy used.

    Utilising the latest technology in building automation solutions, More Control caters for the continually changing requirements of many of the most energy demanding building in the UK.

    From major stadium venues to manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, schools, hospital and bespoke housing projects, More Control has the ideal energy saving solutions.

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