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Werma UK Signal Technology Werma UK is a leading manufacturer of optical and audible signal devices for high quality electronic signalling device for more than 60 years. Since 1950, Werma have been continually contributing to the development of safe and economical processes in the modern working and industrial sector.  

Werma, the European market leader in developing and producing stack lights and audible & visual signals, also provides an array of signals for hazardous locations. As a safety solutions manufacturer, Werma aims to provide innovative products and practical solutions for monitoring machines and machine processes.

Werma is one of the technology leaders in optical and audible signal devices. Signal towers, signal beacons, buzzers, horns and sirens, warn and protect and guide people in modern industrial society. Werma are globally understood in the field of signal devices and monitoring equipment.

Werma Kombisign Signal TowersKombisign Signal Towers

Werma Kombisign Signal Towers offer an unparallel range of features and accessories; complete range of mounting arrangements and mechanisms to mechanically and electrically connect elements within seconds without any tools.

Werma Sounder ModulesSounder Modules (Self Adjusting Sound Volume)

Werma offers a siren which can automatically self adjust its volume outputs to 5 db above changing backgrounds. This Werma product makes sure sirens are always heard but does not blow anyone away from being too loud.

Werma CleanSign Signal TowerGSM Modules

WERMA GSM Modules are able to turn a stack light into a text messaging cell phone. This WERMA product, can text up to 4 different phone numbers of any changes in the status of the machine which it is attached to. The GSM module does not require any additional computer programming or any tools to hook it to hook it to. All the WERMA GSM module requires is a SIM card to operate.

Werma CleanSign Signal TowerWerma CleanSign Tower

Werma CleanSign Signal Towers are Hygienic Designed for dealing with the rigourous demands of the food & pharmaceutical industries. Werma CleanSign towers are IP69K rated. Their compact design does not have an uneven surfaces, grooves or joints, to prevent impurities and reduce risk of contamination. Approved by the FDA, the Polyamide housing of the Werma CleanSign towers are both food-safe and resistant to cleaning and disinfectant agents. The connection element and mounting bracket are all in one piece.

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