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For many companies, staying up to date with the latest technological advances of the modern automation industry is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

From having agile operating machines up to high performance based automation services, new technologies and automation solutions are now paving the way of modern manufacturing.

More Control has experience; knowledge and a vast skill base in providing bespoke industrial automation solutions & automation applications. Common automation solutions are for special purpose machine requirements, production line improvements and complete automation of labour intensive processes.

Bespoke industrial automation solutions provide the added convenience and enhanced performance requirements to deal with the most challenging demands of modern manufacturing environments.


Complete automation solutions allow you to control all aspects of your business with you in total control.

More Control believes in providing efficient quality automation products and solutions to help increase the efficiency of production lines and to cut costs in running and maintaining machinery.


For more information about bespoke automation solutions, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.



More Control, offers a unique range of automation solutions, products and systems that deliver end to end automation solutions for all aspects of industry. Offering single parts, to total automation solutions, More Control aims to work alongside our customers needs to design, develop and build automation solutions catered towards their automation needs.

OEM Design

More Control works closely with machine builders to develop specific control automation solutions catered towards your automation needs. It is our mission to ensure we are up to date with the latest technology and then apply this automation knowledge to meet specific customer requirements.

System Design

More Control offers a complete turn key automation solution, and project management service to ensure your new system or system improvements go to plan. With More Control system design solutions, our focus is in providing our customers with detailed design objectives to match and suit their automation needs

SCADA & Information

At More Control we understand the importance of presenting exact manufacturing and machinery information in the right format. Whether you require information on the status of a machine or total management information throughout your factory, More Control has the products and automation solutions to meet your requirements and automation needs.

Industrial Networking

Managing data efficiently is now become essential for maintaining the continual smooth running of machines and production lines. More Control industrial networking is about the design and implementation of practical networked systems and control systems for system integrators and machine builders.

Building Control

To ensure energy is being used efficiently it is important to know exactly how much power is being used and more importantly where and when. Analysis of power quality and usage allows the implementation of plans and procedures to help reduce the overall power usage of a building and increase its profitability.


In the field of automation and manufacturing, a percentage of acceptable defects is a philosophy of the past. For most industries, product buyers now insist on a 0% defects policy which means there is a 100% requirement for precision and inspection. More Control can supply a complete inspection automation solution to move, manipulate and handle all your components efficiently.


The key to maintaining efficient automation production lines and machines is to have a well structured source of communication, making all elements of a system to work in unison. More Control provides a wide range of vision parts to total vision inspection systems, vision integration and automation solutions catered towards your business needs.

Motion Control

Correct motion control in the field of automation, allows for faster production rates and more accurate position controls of your machinery and its production lines. We endeavour at More Control to take the complication out of motion control by offering our customers a complete mechanical automation solution including drive, motor, gearing and mechanical actuators.


At More Control we offer an extensive range of Pneumatic equipment, Pneumatic applications, control gears and automation components from leading manufacturers to suit your automation needs.

Product Tracking

Product traceability has been an integral part of business operations in most industries for numerous years now. New regulations and a wider variety of complex products have meant it is essential for companies to have accurate tools and devices for sensing and recognising products to ensure efficient packaging and production lines.


In the automation industry, accurate sensors are becoming more and more vital to detecting defective production lines and to ensure quality controls on machinery. From simple monitoring of machine tools, to complex remote wireless intelligence systems, high precision sensors and sensing automation solutions are essential for maintaining effective production lines and machines.

Label Verification

More Control works alongside numerous manufacturers to produce efficient label checking and verification systems to ensure the correct labels are applied with the correct date, and are readable throughout the retail life cycle. Incorrect labelling can potentially slow down the automation process of when goods are received, automatic or semi automatic retrieval and finally the checkout process of goods purchased.


Machine safety in the manufacturing and automation world is paramount to maintaining a stable manufacturing process. It is our belief at More Control that: "Machine Safety and a safe working environment for your employees is a legal requirement and a moral obligation."


We specialise in automation software support, offering an extensive rang of automation software solutions to cover all aspects of automation software. If you have a fault with your software or need an upgrade you can contact one of technical team for a consultation service to rectify and fix any fault in your systems.

Static Elimination

More Control are able to offer an array of solutions to solve your static problems. In partnership with the market leading company, Meech we can assist you to either remove or apply a static charge to your product. Bars, blowers, nozzles and guns complete the most comprehensive range available. The equipment is very competitively priced and also built in the UK.


More Control offer a selection of automation training and support courses, from standard automation product familiarisation to bespoke on site fault finding courses. Training in automation will not only save you time and energy in the short term, but can also lead to significant long term benefits for maintaining and improving your machinery.

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