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Lean Automation PartsIn order to deal with what is quickly becoming systematic in the automation industry, More Control can provide the ideal automation solution to reduce company store inventories and production costs.

More and more, machine builders are looking for ways to reduce the upfront costs from machine design, through to commissioning, to acquire greater profits from standalone small machine projects.

By combining lean automation tools with the right automation system, More Control can help you take the complications out of building and maintaining your machinery.

More Control is proud to supply a range of Omron Lean Automation packs that include everything you need for building machines.

The Lean Automation Packs deliver a complete bundled solution with practically everything needed to automate a standalone machine. The use of smart automation applications can result in the development of systems that are both automated and lean, with flexible manufacturing systems that can be easily configured towards whatever your requirements may be.

All the components in the lean automation packs provide high performance choices that offer scalable capabilities and proven reliability.

Unlike traditional forms of machine building, lean automation solutions allow companies to develop everything all under one concise unit.

Lean automation packs can reward machine builders by reducing up to 25% of the ordering cots of parts and saving up to 50% on design, engineering and commissioning time.

Currently the Lean Automation Packs come in two distinct Varieties: Speed Control with AC Drive (Inverter) and Position Control with Servo Drive and Motor.


Lean Automation Packs

Offering streamline processed solutions the lean automation packs provide:

  • Simplified ordering: one part number, one supplier
  • Step by step installation instructions
  • Pre-engineered, high performance products
  • Detailed wiring diagrams
  • Sample programs featured

Common applications that can be used with the speed control lean automation pack include:

  • Cutting & bending
  • Conveyors
  • Gate control
  • Grinding & polishing
  • Ventilation & exhaust
  • Pumps
  • Industrial ovens
  • Mixers

Overall, the Omron lean automation pack provides everything you need. With just a few basic tools and a laptop computer, you can program and setup a wide range of automation tools and automation machines.

The use of lean automation packs allows companies to reduce waste, and optimize their production process.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of lean automation kits, or if you an automation application that you wish to have designed and developed feel free to contact us.

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