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Verification Support

From product selection advice to setup/install of label verification systems, More Control can support you for whatever your system requirements. Dealing with a change in product labels, expanding or modifying existing systems can be done with ease.

Verification Products

  • 2D Code Readers
  • Barcode Readers
  • OCR Scanners
  • Vision Cameras
  • Verification Applications

    From simple label checking to complete verification systems, More Control can ensure the correct labels are applied & readable to products.

    If you have a label verification application in mind contact, More Control on +44(0) 345 00 00 400

    Label Verification Tools

    More Control Label Verification Tools Product label verification tools are a pivotal element to ensuring that products are fully accountable and traceable.

    With tighter packing regulations and a greater volume of products on the market, incorrect labels applied to a product can be extremely costly for manufacturers. Retailers require that all products have correct label verification procedures to ensure that they meet trading standards and that no product is falsely labelled or advertised.

    Incorrect labelling can slow down the automation process of when goods are received, automatic or semi automatic retrieval and finally the checkout process of goods purchased.

    More Control work alongside leading manufacturers to produce effective label checking and label verification systems to ensure correct labels are applied with the right date and are readable throughout the product life cycle.


    The Benefits of Label Verification

    • Avoids label mix ups
    • Ensures the data is correct and legible
    • Reduce risk of EPW / product recall
    • Prevents port quality barcodes reaching the checkout
    • Electronically archives inspection results

    Label Verification Tools

    Depending upon the type of label and project inspection requirements, there are several technological methods which can be employed. Label presence and label verification can be carried out via a camera, laser or ultraviolet sensor.

    Label verification tools can accurately test and measure products for shape, position, colour and contours of a target object.

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    For more information about the Label Verification systems for identifying, tracking and recognising products, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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